Workshop on flame retardants and thier alternatives

"Workshop on flame retardants and their alternatives" was held at Tokyo International forum 

    We held "Workshop on flame retardants and their alternatives" at the Tokyo International Forum on March 21st. In the workshop, Prof. Masunaga introduced the results of their research project, “Environmental Risk Minimization Method Based on Lifecycle Risk Assessment and Alternative Assessment for Persistent Organic Pollutant, such as HBCD, in Products”, supported by the Ministry of Environment.  An invited speaker Dr. Pim Leonards, the coordinator of “ENFIRO” project, also presented its result. ENFIRO is a European Commission-funded project and it is on “Life Cycle Assessment of Environment-Compatible Flame Retardants: Prototypical Case Study”.  In addition, other two invited speakers, Dr. Takigami (NIES) and Dr. Tsunemi (AIST) made presentations on their research on flame retardants. Through those presentations, environmental problems concerning the use of brominated flame retardants and possible alternatives were discussed.