Laboratory Members

Masunaga, Nakai & Matsuda Laboratory (MNM Lab.)

Members of Masunaga, Nakai & Matsuda Laboratory

Research topics and achievements of students graduated from Masunaga Lab.  


Current Members of Masunaga Laboratory with research topics (FY 2017)

Teaching Staff

MASUNAGA, Shigeki (Professor): Monitoring of environmental pollution, Behavior, source and mass balance analyses of pollutants, Risk assessment and management of chemical substances.


Postdoctoral fellow

HAN, Shu-ping  (Miharukasu Research Fellow, April-June, 2017)

Guest Researchers

ISLAM, Muhammad Rafiqul  (JSPS Invitational Fellows for Research in Japan, June 2017-March 2018)
       Professor, Bangladesh Agriculture University 
       Effects of rice genotypes and water management practices on micronutrients and heavy metals status in rice grains grown under heavy metals contaminated and non-contaminated areas in Bangladesh

RAKNUZZAMAN, Mohammad (JASSO Follow-up Research Fellow, July-Sept., 2017)
       Associate Professor, University of Dhaka
       Removal of Chromium, Cadmium, Lead and Zinc from tannery wastewater by using efficient green adsorbents: an innovative bio-sorption approach   

Technical staffs

TAMURA, Mayumi


Ph.D students

KOGA, Ryo: Assessemnt and control of fungi in bath room  


Master course students

OISHI, Kenta:  Evaluation of metal toxicity in marine sediment 

KITAGUCHI, Sho: Determination of telomer type precursors of perfluoroalkyl compounds

NAGASHIMA, Yuya: Analysis and behaviors of phosphrous flame retardants in sewage treatment plants

NISHIMURA, Yu: Determination and assessment of copper in Japanese coastal waters


Undergraduate students

Sukawa, Hayato:  Determination of perfluoroalkyl acids and their precursors in river and ground water in Kumamoto City

Fujisawa, Megumi: Occurrence and heavy metals discharged from closed mine drainage and their impact on aquatic organisms


Research Students


Former Members of Masunaga Laboratory

Guest Researchers

MD Saiful Islam  (Associate Professor, Patuakhali Science and Technology University)
 (2016.10.14~2017.1.11; JASSO Follow-up Research Fellowship for Former International Students)
 Removal of pollutants from industrial wastewater by readily available sorbents

Rini Selly  (Junior Lecturer, State University of Medan)
(2015.11.2 - 2015.11.28; One-month sit-in program by State Univ. of Medan)

Jonathan N. Hogarh (Lecturer, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology)
(2015.7.8 - 2015.9.7; JASSO Follow-up Research Fellowship for Former International Students) 

XU, Dongmei (Associate Professor, Zhejiang Shuren University, China) 
(Oct. 5, 2012 - Oct. 4, 2013; under the State Scholarship Fund from China Scholarship Council)

Irena Kostova-Dineva (Associate Professor, Department of Geology, Sofia University, Bulgaria)
(Oct. 23, 2012 - Jan. 20, 2013 under the Researcher Exchange Program of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS))

Postdoctoral fellow

TOKUMURA, Masahiro (Kakenhi-PD): Degradative removal of persistent pharmaceuticals in return activated sludge by Fenton process

HAN, Shu-ping (PD): Evaluation of Bioavailability of Metals in River Waters and Risk Assessment Incorporating Bioavailability

MANAGAKI, Satoshi (Postdoctoral fellow): Environmental risk minimization method based on lifecycle risk assessment and alternative assessment for persistent organic pollutant in products
(April 1, 2011 - March 31, 2013)
Current position: Lecturer, Dept. of Environmental Science, Musashino University


Ph.D students graduated recently

Md. Habibullah -Al- Mamun: Monitoring and assessment of persistent organic pollutants in the coastal area of Bangladesh

SEKINE Makoto: Assessment methodology for selecting suitable water treatement technology considering the developmental stage of society

MD Rakunuzzaman: Assessment of heavy metals in the coastal area of Bangladesh

YE, Feng:  Distributionn and behavior of perfluoroalkyl acid precursors in the aquatic environment and their importance in total perfluoroalkyl substances (Graduated in December, 2014) 

ISLAM, MD Saiful: Monitoring and health risk assessment of heavy metals in the rivers of Bangladesh (Graduated in Sept., 2014)

KOTANI, Kensuke: Risk assessment and risk trade off analysis of halogen compounds in products [Doctor (Engineering)] (Graduateed in March, 2014)

OH, Jung-Keun: Environmental distribution and hazard assessment of HBCD and its degradation products [Doctor (Engineering)] (Graduateed in March, 2014)

HAN, Shu-ping: Evaluation of bioavailability and ecological risk assessment incorporating bioavailability for metals in river waters [Doctor (Engineering)] (Graduateed in March, 2014)

KIMURA, Kumiko: Occurrence and ecological risk assessment of preservatives and UV filters in water environment [Doctor (Engineering)] (Graduateed in March, 2014)

KATAOKA, Toshiyuki: Risk assessment of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in products [Doctor (Engineering)] (Graduateed in June, 2013)


Master students graduated recently

SASAKI, Tomu: Health impact of some consumer products such as deordorants

CHIBA, Kenta:  Toxicity of copper to some coastal organisms that are important in fishery

NAKAMICHI, Shiori: Determination of precursors of perfluoroalkyl compouds

HATAYAMA, Rurika: Volatile and semi-volatile organic compound in indoor of automobiles  

UDUKA, Kei: Risk-benefit analysis of VOC control

TAI, Rie: Ecological risk assessment of copper in Japanese coastal waters

NEGISHI, Junya: Perfluorinated alkyl acids and their precursors in river water

SUGAWARA, Asato: Effect of coexisting substances on the performance of Advanced Oxydation Process [Mater (Environmental Science)](Graduated in March, 2015)

LI, Jingyu: Comparison of management policies of food additives in Japan and the USA  [Mater (Environmental Science)](Graduated in March, 2015)

YAMADORI, Yuki: Behaviors of plastic additives in their recycling and waste treatment stages  [Mater (Engineering)](Graduated in March, 2015)

ISOGAI, Naomi: Atmospheric behavior of organochlorine pesticides in Western Africa
[Master (Engineering)] (Graduated in March, 2014)

HUANG Hao: Evaluation of Japanese and Chinese effluent standards by Daphnia reproduction test [Master (Environmental Science)] (Graduated in March, 2014)


Batchelor students graduated recently

ITO, Kana:  Leaching of metals from copper fish culture cage

SASAKI, Yuma:  Impact of copper fish culture cage on the surrounding waters

Fujiwara Risa: Determination of total perfluoroalkyl acid precursors in wastewater 

KITAGUCHI, Sho: Determination of telomer type precursors of perfluoroalkyl compounds

NAGASHIMA, Yuya: Plastic additives sucha as flame retardants in landfill leachates

NISHIMURA, Yu: Determination and assessment of copper in Japanese coastal waters

CHIBA, kenta: Emission of flame retardants from textiles

KIDA, Daisaku: Characteristics and bioavailabilities of metals in aquatic environment