Till 2014 Prof. Masunaga Laboratory had been operated in collaboration with Prof. Matsuda and Prof. Nakai's laboratories, and the three collaborating laboratories are called Masunaga, Nakai & Matsuda Laboratory or MNM Laboratory in short. After this, Masunaga Laboratory has been operated in collaboration with Prof. Nakai and Associate Prof. Takeda's laboratories and now called Masunaga, Nakai & Matsuda Laboratory or MNT Laboratory in short.  The three professors specialize in the study of environmental risk assessment and management. Prof. Masunaga especially focuses on risk management of chemical substances. Followings are the major field of research in Prof. Masunaga Laboratory.

  1. Monitoring of environmental pollution: Pollution level of various chemicals are measured using various special equipments.
  2. Behavior analysis of chemical substances in the environment: Emission, transport, transformation, degradation and accumulation of pollutants are studied based on the monitoring results. In addition, historical trend of pollution are also studied.
  3. Environmental forensics: Sources of pollutants are investigated for the purpose of emission control.
  4. Exposure and risk assessment: Exposure of pollutants to human and wild organisms will be estimated and human health and ecological risk assessment will be carried out using toxicity data.
  5. Risk assessment of a chemical substance whole through its lifecycle, risk comparison among alternative chemicals, and risk-benefit analysis: Ban or restriction of use of a certain chemical substance will bring about changes in production and use processes or introduction of alternative chemicals. It is not easy to judge whether such changes are good for the environment or not. Thus, methods for total environmental impact assessment are studied.


Final Lecture by Prof. Masunaga on Feb. 10, 2018




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